The Māori word Ngāwai translates to ‘many waters’. We aim to ensure our tamariki and rangatahi are equipped to ride the many waters of life.

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about Ngāwai.

The name connects back to Directors, Ant & Cherise Backhouse-Wilson, who live at Ngāwai Bay on the Ngātiwai coastline of Tai Tokerau, and reflects their love of the water and their passion for surfing, kayaking and fishing.

The word Ngāwai identifies with the many waters our young people have to navigate in life. Sometimes they are rough, sometimes they are calm, but water always flows as it moves along many directions and pathways towards its destination.

Here at Ngāwai Enterprises we aim to ensure our young people are equipped to ride the many waters of life by helping organisations that serve our tamariki and rangatahi to be the best that they can be.

Our Ngāwai Consultancy services and Ngāwai Champions programmes offer a unique approach to supporting our next generation.


Our Services.

We provide positive solutions and mana enhancing programmes to the youth and education sectors. We have a range of personalised services that are customised to suit your organisation or school.

Ngawai Consultancy

Helping you add value to your kaupapa, through strategic planning, professional development, and management support.
Our service is tailored to your needs.

Ngawai Champions
Ngāwai Champions

Mana enhancing programmes for tamariki and rangatahi, through two 10 session programmes,
Learning to Stand
Riding the Wave.

Ngawai Creatives

An online store to support young people and pay it forward.

Proceeds are used to assist other young people into our programmes at a reduced cost.

Find out

Our passion is better outcomes for young people. Contact us to discuss how Ngāwai Enterprises can work with you to help your tamariki and rangatahi along their journey.


Our Directors.

Ant and Cherise Backhouse-Wilson are husband and wife team who have a combined experience of 50 years working in the education and youth sector. Their individual work over this time has largely focused on providing positive solutions for at-risk tamariki and rangatahi of Māori and Polynesian descent.
Ant Backhouse-Wilson
Cherise Backhouse-Wilson

Ngāwai News.

Ngāwai has many stories to tell

And it is here that you will find a collection of our stories. As the Ngāwai programmes begin, we'll bring you updates here. Our purpose is to change the narrative for tamariki and rangatahi who may otherwise slip behind. You're welcome to join us on our waka, as we navigate the many waters of our journey, alongside the youth in our programmes.

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Growing up, we all hear how important our education is. Or do we?  For many tamariki and rangatahi, the message that education is important is something that gets reinforced with support and encouragement. For…

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